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Thu / 19:30 ~ 21:30

Rewriting Satoshi Lab

LAB recruitment deadline

Oct 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published historical paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" and that was the start of the blockchain revolution.
But, Satoshi paper was just a prototype for cryptocurrency, so we need to refine and think about more robust blue print for next generation Blockchain platform.
This lab is being established for studying and rewriting Satoshi paper based on meta-blockchain technology.

Research goal

1. We will rewrite historical paper into more futuristic one
2. This lab will be managed in English on online and offline meetups in several countries together.
3. Sponsored lab! Research expenses will be covered by Sovereign Wallet Network.

Operating rule

- Regular Meetings Online/Offline Every Thursday at 19:30
(To have a meeting online, please visit the platform:
- Each participant researches on the assigned subject.
- In the meeting, data from each participant will be gathered to be organized and shared.
- Organized data will be reviewed by Lab manager and recorded in Notion.

Research plan

- 1st Month: Study key papers (Satoshi's paper, Vitalik's paper, etc)
- 2nd Month: Study recent major blockchain projects
- 3rd Month: Conceptualized next generation blockchain platform


1. Passion for blockchain technologies and its underlying economic models.
2. Person who loves decentralized infrastructure and understands the technological terms.
3. Programming skills and understanding of software technology is not mandatory. However it is a plus.
4. Person who can spend hours and hours of researching and reading technical papers every week.
5. Proficient English communication skill. You should be able to discuss technical topics comfortably in English.

Lab master

Jihoon Jeong, Seokgu Yun